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Every year, Boquete's high elevation arabica coffees win accolades, prizes and astonishing ratings in the world of Specialty Coffee Tastings. This year's  most recent judging of the relatively rare Geisha varietal grown in here once again led the pack.  Other varieties of arabica from Boquete also fared well, and are also commanding ever higher prices on the world market. But, why? What makes certain coffees special or even extra-special?

The Specialty Coffee Association of America defines specialty coffee this way:

Sometimes called "gourmet" or "premium" coffee, specialty coffees are made from exceptional beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates. They tend to feature distinctive flavors, which are shaped by the unique characteristics of the soil that produces them.

Limited availability combined with great marketing are also prime factors and you need both, in addition to exceptional beans. Availability and marketing are obvious. But what constitutes exceptional? By what standards is one coffee pronounced exceptional while another of equally limited availability is denied this sobriquet?  

Professional coffee 'cuppers' --yes, some people get paid, a lot, to travel around the world, sniffing, slurping, and spitting coffee--use hundreds of descriptors for the fragrance and taste of a particular cup of coffee, all subject to the interpretation of a cupper’s nose and tongue. Lemony, vanilla, woodsy, earthy, chocolatey, winey,…right on around the Taster's Wheel to wet dog,  skunky and brown paper bag. 

A friend  sent me a Reuters article  entitled:  Pricey Coffee Good to the Last Dropping. Kopi Luwak, grown on a few of the 13,000+ islands in the Indonesian archipelago, may be the ultimate in ‘specialty’ coffees.  Until recently it was also the most expensive coffee, selling for $500 a pound, ergo, it MUST be exceptional, right?  Kopi Luwak has been ‘cupped’ and described as earthy, heavy, syrupy, caramel, chocolate, complex, with a mysterious, indescribable  funky zoo-like aroma. H-m-m. Wait a minute.  Funky?Zoo-like aroma? 

Turns out there is good reason for the ‘zoo-like’. Kopi Luwak is exceptional because unlike ordinary coffee cherries that are picked off coffee trees, these cherries are retrieved from the jungle floor—after they have been eaten, partially digested and then excreted by palm civets, a small, tree-dwelling marsupial closely related to the raccoon, but looking like a cat or an otter, who thinks the coffee cherries in his habitat make a dandy dessert following a feast of insects, fruit and small rodents.

I am not making this up.  One of the most expensive coffees in the world is harvested from animal poop. I really think this may be where marketing outstrips reality.  Seriously, folks. 

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Many of the coffees produced here in Boquete—Hacienda Esmeralda, Casa Ruiz, Lerida, Suarez, Kotowa, Milagrosa and our very own Cafe Mariposa Azul, to name just a few—are exceptional coffees.  Their production is limited, as most are grown on single estate, privately owned farms. They each have distinctive, individual profiles, they are consistent, and they both smell and taste really, really good, ranging from light, floral citrusy tones to deep rich spicy chocolate. No wet dogs here.

Boquete coffee  has  the key elements necessary for becoming an internationally recognized coffee icon: an ideal coffee producing environment (high elevation, volcanic soil, the right balance of moisture and sun in a tropical highland climate), limited availability, and truly exceptional quality. The world is taking notice.

Drink the best. Drink Boquete coffee.

Order Cafe Mariposa Azul here...rich, smooth  and chocolatey with hints of jungle flowersand hazelnut.

A medium European roast perfect for morning, afternoon or evening.

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Post script: My daughter recently visited from China, by way of Vietnam, where they harvest their own version of Kopi Luwak. She brought me a small bag. We brewed it in the traditional tiny press. It was very, very dark and smelled...I just don't quite know how to describe it. Like coffee, but like earth, and something oddly bitter. It tasted like deep dank jungle laced with fruity sweetness. The Vietnamese drink it with sweetened condensed milk. I tried that, too. Then I poured the whole thing out and brewed up a french press pot of Cloud Forest Botanicals' Mariposa Azul. It made me happy.


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Rising Rain-forest Rock Star: Anamu

Cloud Forest Botanicals co-founder Dianne Heidke talks about how to harvest Anamu, a powerful anti-inflammatory plant found in Panama's cloud forest that CFB turns into a powerful all-natural tincture.


Cafe Mousse Face Cream is Luxury Food for your Face -- NOW with extract of Copaiba Oil for proven tightening and rejuvenation of aging skin

Coffee extracts are all the rage in the luxury cosmetic industry—
and it IS the caffeine

  • Caffeine constricts surface capillaries,
  • temporarily tightens skins,
  • imparts a healthy glow,
  • reduces redness, and
  • gets rid of those puffy under-eye bags.

It is also the antioxidants. Coffee is a free radical warrior, scavenging up those little monsters which make you feel and look older than any of us want.

 Cafe Mousse Face Cream,

Cloud Forest Botanicals  proprietary formula is a:

super-concentrated, emollient rich concoction utilizing concentrated green coffee tincture, coffee oil, aloe and the power of seven organic healing, anti-aging plants in a base of pure organic coconut oil and hand processed beeswax

No artificial anything. Provides natural sunscreen protection.

High end moisturizers with all manner of unpronounceable ingredients, in a base of mostly water, can cost up to $100 per ounce.

A full two ounces of New Formula Cafe Mousse Face Cream costs $25 and will last two months or more,  Because you only use a pearl size bit--its that concentrated! 

 That's a mere 25 cents each time, for a more radiant, more youthful, healthier complexion.

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Cloud Forest Botanicals in Boquete, Panama is committed to helping people everywhere take responsibility for their own health. We do this in part by making available to you the :



  • most POTENT and EFFECTIVE herbal remedies and products available.

This is our promise:

  • We personally wild-craft or organically grow each herbal component of our tinctures and products in our Cloud Forest and Tropical Rainforest Panama gardens. We harvest and process within HOURS, to guarantee FRESHNESS and POTENCY.

  • Each product is hand-crafted in small batches--again, to bring you the FRESHEST, PUREST, MOST POTENT herbal remedies available anywhere.
  • Each product is based on centuries of herbal knowledge AND the most current pharmaceutical research available, in order to bring you the very best of past and present.
  • We only use simple, tried-and-true formulas from the most rigorous herbal traditions.                                    
  • We use no artificial preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers, or perfumes in our herbal tinctures and products…EVER.

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"Just wanted to again say thanks.  I love the tinctures and believe that the gut health has allowed me to stop taking the prescription medication for acid reflux.  After years of suffering from gut issues, and seeing multiple doctors and having numerous tests, I finally feel like I am in control of my health"

    Debbie Wilson. Boquete. 2014

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