Eco Practices



Finca Luz is committed to green growing and living. Wherever possible, the organic, green choice is made–from how we fertilize our plants and coffee trees to what we consume or apply to our bodies.

People are often overwhelmed by the idea of ‘going green,’ envisioning huge, disruptive changes to their life. What we have discovered is that living green doesn’t have to be a sharp, uncomfortable shift–rather it is a cumulative succession of small, consistent steps.

  • Recycle where possible.
  • Choose to buy products that are eco-friendly in their packaging.
  • Wean yourself from eating or applying products loaded with unpronounceable ingredients.
  • Consume locally grown produce. Better yet, grow a few herbs and vegetables of your own. Even an apartment city-dweller can do this–and you can use your vegetable and fruit scraps to fertilize new plants!
  • Research inexpensive, environmentally friendly options for household use. For example–most of those expensive, toxic household cleaners can be replaced with vinegar, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. The internet is loaded with ideas that don’t cost much and are easy to use.

At Finca Luz we use composted fertilizer for the coffee, herbs, vegetables and fruits that is enhanced with Effective Micro-organisms made locally by a friend in his self-constructed composting bin. We process Finca Luz’s Cafe Mariposa Azul in a small beneficio located a mile from the farm–where Tito Vargas has constructed his own machinery from bits and pieces of discarded motors, kitchen equipment and washing machines, powers much of it by falling water, and uses ingeniously designed greenhouses that allow the coffee beans to dry naturally in the sun and wind. For our various construction projects, we have scoured existing construction sites and scavenged left over materials that would otherwise have ended up in the landfills or been burned, releasing greenhouse warming smoke


One example of this is the Medicine Way Trail, a winding pathway in the jungle, constructed from recycled tires.

Another is the demonstration greenhouse, made for local bamboo treated with non-toxic boron. We are always looking for new ways to 'walk lightly' on our small patch of Paradise.

Like everything else at Finca Luz, it is a creative process of learning, experimenting, implementing and–sometimes–discarding what doesn’t fit or work, here.