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Our natural skin care products are made from all-natural products, without fillers, dyes or perfumes. 

Rapid Heal

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Rapid Heal


Our clients call Rapid Heal the Panama Miracle!                        

" Your itch cream (Rapid Heal) works great for me. It's faster than hydrocortisone & seemingly longer lasting. Perhaps the best itch cream I've ever run across. I got super sensitive skin & its been a battle."     Stephen Gordon.Panama 2014

Rapid Heal Salve is one of CFB's best sellers. Two ounces of super concentrated soothing, healing organic plant ingredients that takes out the itch & pain from bites, minor burns and sunburn, prevents infection in cuts and scrapes, and heals many skin fungus conditions including difficult psoriasis. Minimizes scarring from burns and cuts.

Hand crafted at Finca Luz in small batches (one morning's production in the photo!) from 6 plant oils, 3 potent plant tinctures, aloe vera leaf, pure local honey, organic Australian Tea Tree Oil, local beeswax and local organic coconut oil. Whipped up by hand, with love. Will keep up to one year refrigerated. Pure, safe, effective...all natural, all organic.

 For difficult, chronic skin problems, clients who have used Rapid Heal in conjunction with Super Immune Booster tincture (or a custom blend tincture) have reported astonishing results:

A recent client emailed us this:

"...I’ve had a serious skin condition for five years that I’ve seen multiple doctors and dermatologists...two biopsies, mega doses of antibiotics and topical steroids.... Nothing worked.

I was very skeptical of Cloud Forest Botanicals, but finally purchased some figuring there was nothing to lose but a few dollars by trying them.

This was no “go to the store and grab something from a shelf” and no guessing game.  Cloud Forest has a large line of products. Elizabeth and Dianne worked closely with me to determine what would be the most beneficial for my condition. They suggested Rapid Heal Salve and Super Immune Booster Tincture.

After using each of the two products just one time, I was experiencing relief.  The intense itching subsided, I was scratching less and I began to heal.  Within two days there was a marked improvement and no additional rash breakout.

Still not firmly convinced, I continued to use the products waiting for a really warm day as that was always one of the prime triggers for a breakout.  We had just such a day yesterday.  I am so very pleased to say that nothing happened.  No breakout, no itching and I continue to heal.

I am absolutely amazed at the results from these products and ever so grateful... your all natural products have done more in under a week to help me feel human again than any US doctor and all the expensive medications they prescribed ever did!"

The Panama Miracle ... plant medicine from the rainforest.

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SHIPPING NOTES - Before you order please read these important SHIPPING NOTES
Cloud Forest Botanicals can now be ordered on line, with shipping available throughout Panama and the US. For other shipping destinations, please email us with particulars. Use the contact form on the CONTACT page. All shipping/handling options are for orders weighing LESS than 4.4 pounds (2 KG.). For larger orders, please email us for special assistance.

•Uno Express or Fletes Chavale delivery (to their local substations). Shipping/handling cost per package is $7.50.
•Uno Express Home Delivery, the fee is $15.00


 •Certified ground shipping using the Panama Postal Service is reliable and much more affordable. For small orders, the fee is $8.95-12.00 to most destinations. Delivery time is 21 business days for orders to US/Canada. European addresses require longer.

•FAST US-FedEx International orders to the US are extremely expensive. From 1 ounce up to 4.4 lbs. is $120.00, for 4-5 business day delivery. If you are truly in a rush, and money is no object, we are happy to oblige.