Herbal Tinctures

Cloud Forest Botanical herbal tinctures are herbal remedies hand crafted in small artisanal batches from organic, locally grown or wild crafted plants in a 1:2 or 1:3 potency for maximum effectiveness. You are assured of the highest quality herbal product available.

Many of our tinctures are now available in a more economical 2 ounce size. We recommend, for ongoing issues, that you order more than one to save on shipping. 

Calm & Clear


Calm & Clear


Based on Ayurvedic and Chinese Traditional Medicine formulas in use for thousands of years.  A combination of gotu kola and rosemary tinctures, with capsaicin to boost circulation and delivery of active agents.

Naturally helps reduce anxiety related to stress. Improves concentration. No crash, no jitters.  1 ml dropper full 2-3 times daily or as needed. 2 oz. is 96 individual doses.

Disclaimer: Cloud Forest Botanicals does not diagnose, treat or prescribe. If you havemedical concerns, contact your medical health care provider. Herbs are NOT drugs and herbalism is NOT western medical practice. Herbal remedies are far safer than many prescription and over the counter drugs. However, some few people may have an unexpected reaction.  Always try a few drops first to see if there is any adverse or allergic reaction. If no reactions develop, continue on. If any unusual symptoms such as breathing problems, stomach ache or pronounced dizziness occur discontinue use. Contact a health care professional or consult with us.

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