Boquete 101 Knowledge Seminar

  • Thinking about moving to Boquete (or other Panamanian locale)?
  • Or, have you already moved here, but are a ‘newbie’?
  • Feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed, confused?
  • Can’t decide what is hype? What’s real? Tired of being ‘sold’?
  • Need to know how to tell when ‘advice’ offered may be well-meaning, but inaccurate?
  • Relax.

Treat yourself to a Boquete 101 Knowledge Seminar. Ask questions. Share your hopes—and fears. Get straight, unbiased, accurate answers from expats who have lived here, collectively, for over 15 years. Expats who have:

  • bought and sold property,
  • set up and dismantled corporations,
  • opened and closed bank accounts,
  • run businesses, hired and fired employees,
  • obtained various visas,
  • utilized the services of all manner of professionals and service providers,
  • learned to speak Spanish

Dianne Heidke, from Australia, has been the coordinator/moderator for the Tuesday Morning Community meetings for over 6 years. She is the author of The Boquete (Not for Tourists) Handbook, now in its second edition. She has owned The Zapadora, an import business in Potrerillos, for 6 years. She is The Zapadora—a female explorer—and the Supreme Ruler of her life. She first came to Boquete in 2003.


Elizabeth Worley, from the US, is an author, organic farmer, and alchemist (that means she takes ordinary things and transforms them into things extraordinary—usually in the kitchen!). She is the author of Risking Everything, a memoir of moving to Panama and how it changed her life. She writes a semi-regular blog, Ramblings from the Mountain, an ongoing observation of Life, the Universe and Everything as seen from Finca Luz. Elizabeth first visited Boquete in 2002 and has been living here full time since early 2004.

We don’t want to sell you real estate or insurance or a car. But, we do know who to recommend for these and other services—and, perhaps even more importantly, we know who NOT to recommend. We receive no commission or kickback from anyone. Occasionally we get thanked—occasionally we get kicked!

Why do we do this? Because we really wish someone had been doing it when we moved here! It would have saved untold hours, weeks, sometimes months of aggravation, stress and costly mistakes. Call it altruism. We love Panama…and we want others to have a positive experience of this great little country that has so much to offer.

Boquete 101 Seminars are held on The Terrace at Finca Luz, for groups of 2-8 people, by prior arrangement. Enjoy organic coffee, herbal tea and homemade refreshments. Take a stroll around the beautiful garden trails.

  • Allow 2.5+ hours.
  • Cost is $40.00 per person, $75.00 per couple.
  • Transportation from Boquete can be arranged.

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