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It’s really helping me to rest during my sleeping hours. “Sleep tonight… Read more “Happy”

Ana Elena Marciacq

Quality and Efficacy

I love every product I’ve tried from CFB, including the coffee. The company’s commitment to quality ingredients, health and wellness are a big part of it and… Read more “Quality and Efficacy”


Our Four Legged Babies

During the Rainy Season in Panama, our dogs do not like the heavy rains and thunder but with the help of Cloud Forest Botanicals, their advice on… Read more “Our Four Legged Babies”


Helped Cats During Storms

I think this really helped my cats. They are not as skittish and nervous during… Read more “Helped Cats During Storms”

Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama DHorn
Dee Horn

Eased the Pain and Suffering

Pet Love eased the pain and suffering so much for my older dogs. It really… Read more “Eased the Pain and Suffering”

Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama TKnowles 25
Tina Knowles

Cat w/Joint Articulation Problems

My older cat (14 years) has joint articulation problems. My vet says she is in pain and that Pet Love will really… Read more “Cat w/Joint Articulation Problems”

Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama KFIsher 25
Kevin Fisher

Sleep Like a Baby

So wonderful to sleep like a baby after taking Sleep Tonight by Cloud Forest… Read more “Sleep Like a Baby”

Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama SFrappe 25
Sylvia Flappe

Fear and Anxiety During Storms

Really helped Cassie and Memphis (his 2 rescue dogs) with their fear and anxiety during the bad storms here. 5 minutes after taking Big Pet Love their… Read more “Fear and Anxiety During Storms”

Tim Connelly

Wow! All Hail the Big Pet Love …

… Hemp and Herb Formula from Cloud Forest Botanicals! Our 8 month old rescue dog had severe seizures and urinary incontinence after anesthesia/spaying. The Big Pet Love… Read more “Wow! All Hail the Big Pet Love …”

W. A., Chiriqui

I Personally Saw Amazing Results…

 …from giving my 7yo Pitbull CBD Oil. She is a very active dog, who is constantly running and playing with her siblings. But recently it has been… Read more “I Personally Saw Amazing Results…”

Tina E. Knowles