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Ultra Curcuma Tincture

Previous to using this product, I had migraines for about 15 years. I’ve use this turmeric once a day for the last 3 years, and they have… Read more “Ultra Curcuma Tincture”

Simon Presland

Anti Inflammatory Tincture

Best natural tincture out there for inflammation, aches & pains!! Suffered from daily headaches, arthritis-like pain in my hands & joints (have Lyme disease) and this is… Read more “Anti Inflammatory Tincture”

Chris Davis Whitaker

Eased the pain

Ultra Turmeric has eased the pain in the joints of my fingers. Now I can do so much more pain… Read more “Eased the pain”

Luana McCamy

Super Immune Booster Tincture

This incredible product keeps us from catching anything while traveling. We especially appreciate Super Immune Booster when our grandchildren visit, they stay well and so do… Read more “Super Immune Booster Tincture”

Babbie Earle

No more hot flashes!!

Ashwagandha Tincture – If you’re a woman going through menopause this is for you!!! No more hot flashes!! No more bitchiness (well, maybe some lol) definitely gets… Read more “No more hot flashes!!”

Chris Davis Whitaker

Ultra Curcuma Tincture

I have a chronic inflammatory disorder and Ultra-Turmeric has helped reduce my inflammation rate substantially. I use it every… Read more “Ultra Curcuma Tincture”

Phyllis McNaughton

Super Immune Booster Tincture

This is my go-to answer for when I start to feel like I’m getting sick and for getting over a cold quickly. I always take it before… Read more “Super Immune Booster Tincture”

Morgan Fraser

We are VERY impressed!

My partner and I are on our second bottle of Chill Out from CFB and we are VERY impressed! My partner suffers from work related stress and… Read more “We are VERY impressed!”

Christopher Bybee

Sleep Tonight CBD Tincture

Thank you Elizabeth!!! My husband and I have been using CBD for a few years and have enjoyed the multiple options of Cloud Forest Botanicals. My husband… Read more “Sleep Tonight CBD Tincture”


…Rapid Heal is its versatility

The thing I like the most about Rapid Heal is its versatility. It works well on minor scrapes and burns, it’s true. But it also works well… Read more “…Rapid Heal is its versatility”

Frank Spitzig

All my brain fog went away…

This was a tricky one for me..i’ve already tested some adaptogens but always felt they werent pure or raw enough…so it didnt make much difference. I found… Read more “All my brain fog went away…”

Ramada Harley

NOVA CBD Tincture plus Ultra Turmeric

High end amazing stuff at 1/2 price of all other high end amazing stuff. ONLY thing I wish is the droppers had measurements listed on them. Besides… Read more “NOVA CBD Tincture plus Ultra Turmeric”

Cryss Marie

Really helped with my energy, ability to focus, and mood

Dear Elizabeth and Dianne, I have been using your CHILL OUT tincture (CBD, Ashwaganda, Goto Kola, and rosemary) for about a week, and it has really helped… Read more “Really helped with my energy, ability to focus, and mood”

Cathy W

Giving me great relief & quicker than anything else!

don’t laugh….i fell off our 39″ high bed. really wrecked both hands & wrists. this was on april 24 & i am still a hurtin pup. i… Read more “Giving me great relief & quicker than anything else!”

Susan Frank

Rapid Heal Works Wonders!

This cream works wonders on healing! I had stitches on my arm and they healed so fast with NO SCAR! Thank you for this… Read more “Rapid Heal Works Wonders!”


Giving my arthritic dog Big Pet Love

I have been giving my arthritic dog Big Pet Love every morning for a few years . I believe it has worked wonders for her. I had… Read more “Giving my arthritic dog Big Pet Love”

Sue Dykler

“Changed my life!”

Dear Dianne and Elizabeth, In mid-December I took the Cloud Forest Botanical Tour and it has changed my life. I spoke with both Diane and Elizabeth about… Read more ““Changed my life!””

Sharon Cain, Boquete, Panama

I live in a cold, dry climate in the winter

– usually I’d have to reapply lotion multiple times a day to keep my face from feeling like it’s a piece of plastic wrap. Not so with… Read more “I live in a cold, dry climate in the winter”

Morgan F, WA

RAPID HEAL — Love it!

Hi Dianne and Elizabeth, It was great meeting you both yesterday! Thank you for the very informative and enjoyable plant medicine hike and refreshments. It was such… Read more “RAPID HEAL — Love it!”

Emily Dreblow Owner, Soulflower Floral Design, San Francisco, CA

I’ve never been one for fancy face creams

…with ingredients I can’t pronounce…  I was always leery that they were doing more harm than good to my skin. When I heard that Cloud Forest Botanicals… Read more “I’ve never been one for fancy face creams”


I can’t thank you both enough…

 …for introducing me to the herbal remedies! I was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 2 years ago. It was too late for antibiotics since I had no… Read more “I can’t thank you both enough…”

Chris B. - Boquete

Suffered from horrible hot flashes

I suffered from horrible hot flashes & mood swings from menopause. I was just miserable, and miserable to be around. With the help of Ashwaganda, within 2… Read more “Suffered from horrible hot flashes”

Chris W. - New Jersey

Eliminated my post-menopausal hot flashes

Eliminated my post-menopausal hot flashes. Alleviated fatigue. I feel calmer, clearer and more mellow. I just think it has balanced my system. I take two 15 drop… Read more “Eliminated my post-menopausal hot flashes”

Leigh H., Australia

Had Frequent Migraines

I was suffering from frequent migraines. The doctors gave me pain pills, did an MRI, recommended hormone replacement therapy (I am only in my late 40’s). I… Read more “Had Frequent Migraines”

Julie H. - Panama