Medical research is, more and more, linking major health issues to the presence of INFLAMMATION. Everything from arthritis to gut issues to heart disease to yes, potentially lethal COVID19 cytokine storms that overwhelm the body’s defense systems.

What can you do to boost your ability to resist viruses, reduce inflammation and support your body’s innate ability to heal itself?

  • Diet. Reduce or eliminate most sugars and grains. So much verified, science based information out there to support this.
  • Exercise. Just do it. A little. A bit more. Regularly. Walking, yoga, weights, swimming…just MOVE.
  • Sleep. 7-9 hours each night. If you need to, take a short nap in the afternoon. The body heals while resting.
  • Supplements. We go on and on about this. Especially now. (And no, the FDA does not endorse or support any claims about the use of vitamin and supplements).
  • D3
  • VitC
  • Zinc (best on an empty stomach — it helps your cells prevent viruses from penetrating and making you sick.)
  • Beta-carotene
  • Magnesium Citrate

Cloud Forest Botanicals’ Herbal tinctures and HEMP & HERB line may also help you. For inflammation, our products that contain locally grown, organic turmeric are GOLDEN Inflammation Slayers.

Medical studies from around the world support the use of turmeric for health. If you google Health Benefits of Turmeric you’ll get, oh, several million hits. (But not all turmeric products are equal — those from India and China are often contaminated with heavy metals. Those dried and stored in warehouses are seriously diminished in terms of active phytochemicals. Just saying. Know your source.)

A GREAT combo is NOVA (1000mg CBD in a terpene enriched turmeric extraction that even tastes good!) plus Super Immune Booster (a combo of 6 potent herbs which are naturally potent sources of zinc.)

Look at these two great testimonials:

“I would like to thank you for your products. I was in agony with bursitis of the hip, for more than 4 months. Had 2 injections of Traumeel directly into the bursa…with no noticeable results. With your NOVA and Turmeric tinctures my pain has been reduced by at least 70%. Thank you! Kind regards, MM, Coronado, Panama.”

And from Oregon:

“Amazing! This NOVA blend has helped me to get off the pain, cramp and inflammatory prescription drugs for Chronic pain and bone and joint issues. Been using this tincture for over 4 months and I almost have my life back to where it was before all the pain. Thank you for this wonderful natural remedy! Making orders for more all the way from Eagle Creek Oregon! Nothing compares locally!”

Inflammation slayers to the rescue!

We can’t control so much of what is going on around us, but we CAN control our reactions and responses. We choose peace and compassion (with an occasional dose of highly warranted irritation!) — and we wish peace for each of you.

So, everyone, Stay Safe, Stay Calm, Stay Connected. Wear your mask (yeah, we hate them, too), wash your hands, minimize going out. Live your Life — Be Here Now.

From the Cloud Forest,
Elizabeth and Dianne