Cafe Mariposa Azul


Cafe Mariposa Azul. High elevation, single farm, specialty blend of organically grown Arabica varietals. Rich, chocolately, hints of hazlenuts and cloud forest flowers. Whole Bean, European roast. 14 ounces. 387 grams.


Nestled amidst the mist-laden peaks of the highlands above Boquete Panama lies a sanctuary for coffee aficionados and therein is grown Cafe Mariposa Azul by Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama.   A single farm, meticulously cultivating a specialty blend of organically grown Arabica varietals at high elevation. Here, amidst the verdant expanse, nature’s bounty conspires to produce a brew of unparalleled richness and complexity.

At these lofty altitudes, where the air is crisp and the soil fertile, coffee plants thrive under the watchful gaze of skilled cultivators. The cool temperatures and ample rainfall of the cloud forest region provide the ideal conditions for slow, nuanced maturation, enhancing the flavor profile of each bean.

This exclusive blend, crafted with precision and passion, embodies the essence of the land from which it springs. Its aroma, redolent of rich chocolate, dances upon the senses, inviting exploration into its depths. With every sip, hints of hazelnuts delicately intertwine with the velvety texture, creating a symphony of indulgence upon the palate.

But it is not merely the flavours that captivate; it is the essence of the cloud forest itself, captured within each bean. The subtle notes of forest flowers whisper tales of their origin, transporting the imbiber to the mist-shrouded heights where the coffee cherries ripen in harmony with their surroundings.

Whole bean and European roasted to perfection, this coffee bears the hallmark of artesanal craftsmanship. Each bean is treated with the utmost care, ensuring that its inherent qualities are preserved from plantation to cup. The European roast, with its medium-dark hue, strikes a delicate balance, coaxing out the full spectrum of flavours while preserving the intrinsic character of the beans.

As the first light of dawn kisses the mountaintops, the aroma of freshly ground coffee fills the air, a promise of the sensory journey to come. With each brewing, the magic of the Panama highlands is unleashed, infusing every cup with the spirit of its origins.

This is more than just coffee; it is a testament to the dedication of those who tend to the land, a celebration of nature’s bounty, and an invitation to savour the finer moments in life. Whether enjoyed in solitude or shared amongst friends, each cup is a reminder of the beauty and complexity that can be found in a single bean.

In a world inundated with mass-produced mediocrity, this specialty blend Cafe Mariposa Azul by Cloud Forest Botanicals CBD Panama stands as a beacon of excellence, a testament to the infinite possibilities that arise when passion and craftsmanship converge. So, let us raise our cups to the highlands of Boquete Panama, to the farmers who tend to its soil, and to the extraordinary journey encapsulated within each sip of this unparalleled brew.


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