This was a tricky one for me..i’ve already tested some adaptogens but always felt they werent pure or raw enough…so it didnt make much difference. I found CFB looking for more artesanal form of adaptogens and lucky me it was here in Panama, i went to Boquete and contacted Elizabeth who was super kind and gave me a full explanation on adaptogens and cbd and how to take them. I bought the Ashwagandha first and i gotta say i took a while to find out the right dose for me, at first i felt sleepy..demotivated..with low sugar and sometimes even more anxious, but then it started to settle and all my brain fog went away..i was motivated..super productive…my focus went up to levels i didnt experienced since a long time ago and my anxiety went down to a minimum, i also lost some fat weight because i was more relaxed. I added sleep tonight cbd and also started to sleep better..waking up rested (@4am) and experienced less pain from my daily training regime. This supps have complemented very well my therapy and meditation practice…the balance i have now its unbelievable for me and im very happy.