…for introducing me to the herbal remedies!

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease about 2 years ago. It was too late for antibiotics since I had no early symptoms and was only tested for Lyme when I had bells palsy. The lyme disease severely affected my hands to the point I was waking up every night from the pain. Anti-Inflammatory It was a miracle, i won’t say cure because the Lyme I will have forever, but treatment i think is the right word. I no longer wake up at night in pain & my good days far exceed my bad ones!!! There’s more…… not only was a dealing with the Lyme but hot flashes from menopause too!!! Again you were a godsend! Ashwagandha Root to the rescue!!! Since taking it (daily 2 to 3 x a day) I don’t think I’ve taken my ice packs out of the freezer once. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!