– usually I’d have to reapply lotion multiple times a day to keep my face from feeling like it’s a piece of plastic wrap. Not so with Café Mousse. They recommend a fingernail-sized amount to apply to the whole face and throat, and they aren’t kidding! That small amount, applied once in the morning after I wash my face, lasts me ALL DAY – my skin is soft and moisturized without being oily.

In addition, I had someone ask my age the other day – I’m 33 – and she looked shocked. “You look 23!” she said. This is praise indeed, considering that I spend as much time as I can outdoors and in the sun, and always have. I can tell a huge difference in my skin since I began using this wonderful product.

Thank you, Dianne and Elizabeth! Not only is your product amazing, I can rest easy knowing exactly where all the ingredients come from, and the care used to make your product!