cloud forest staff


CFB is located at Finca Luz on Jaramillo Mountain, above Boquete, a tiny alpine(ish) but strangely tropical town nestled in a valley under the apparently snoozing eyes of Volcan Baru (the largest peak in the Amistad National Park), in the Republic of Panamá. We started out with one pure obsession: to create a few perfect natural herbal products from the medicinal plants we found growing wild on our organic coffee farm. For the products, tinctures and skin creams to be ‘perfect’ they had to meet some tough criteria.

The Criteria:
Whatever we made had to be organic, alive, good for you, not too smelly, never irritating, long lasting and effective!  It has taken us some obsessed years to formulate our celebrated CFB products and put them through their paces. It has been a trip, but we love what we have made. We use our products ourselves, our community here uses them, and we sell and ship internationally. We think you will love us too!

Why CFB is unique:
The Cloud Forest is located at 5,000 feet elevation in the shadow of towering Volcan Baru. Our volcanic soil is black and deep. Our air is fresh, continually blown clean by the converging winds from the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Our water mingles the tropical rains, the low lying cloud mists, and deep springs from inside the mountain. The result is an environment that enhances the the natural potency of the plants with the magnetism of the Earth–and this is physics, not just woo-woo thinking.

Why else? Each and every ingredient in our products is wild crafted or orgaincally grown. We process our plants to insure that their maximum potency is preserved. We hand mix and individually pour each and every bottle, pot or jar.

We truly care about the quality and integrity of our product and feel that CFB creams, tinctures and remedies are among the highest quality, all natural products available anywhere…simple, yet fine products to be used by everyone regardless of lifestyle!

Thank you for using Cloud Forest Botanicals!