Say it ain’t so!! Is it true?? That only 6-8% of ingested CBD is actually utilized by the body??

Well…yes…and no. If you are taking a tablet, chewing and swallowing a gummy, downing a shot, or eating a brownie, then the answer is Yes. You are paying a lot and getting a little.

Why? Because the active elements—the actual cannabinoids that you want—are having to pass through the digestive and intestinal tracts before they get into the bloodstream, which is where you want them to be. And, in that long journey, they are diluted and broken down by gastric acids, intestinal and liver enzymes. Bummer. It was expensive, and you only got a little bit.

“CBD doesn’t work! It’s a rip off!”

Not so fast. What if you could quadruple (or more) the amount of active cannabinoids getting into your bloodstream? That would be good, wouldn’t it?

What is sublingual and why should you care? Sublingual - Free healthcare and medical icons

If you take CBD mixed with fat (like MCT oil) AND you take it sublingually, your absorption of the good stuff can be as high as 35%. Sublingual means you take the drops, put them under your tongue, and count slowly to 60 before you swallow. In your mouth, the CBD only has to cope with saliva enzymes as it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the permeable blood vessels under the tongue. And, bonus here, the onset of the CBD effect will be much faster than just eating or drinking it. Get more, faster.

Consistency is key.

Another key point to remember—the effects of CBD are cumulative. It can days, or sometimes even weeks, for the body’s endocannabinoid system (that’s a subject for a whole other article—for the moment, just know that you and everyone else has one and it’s important to our well-being!) to reset itself into a state of homeostasis or balance. This is the point when chronic pain begins to resolve, stress reactions calm down, sleep begins to improve.

So—take your CBD UNDER THE TONGUE and take it regularly, consistently, for a month before you throw up your hands.

Here at Cloud Forest Botanicals ALL of our tinctures are formulated for sublingual efficacy. It’s why our clients—who follow the directions!—come back again and again.

Sublingual improves results for pain relief, stress reduction, and better sleep. So. There you have it