So, is it true that most doctors don’t tell you about alternative health options? Why?

Cloud Forest Botanicals, based in the shadow of mighty Volcan Baru (almost 12,000 feet of sleeping volcano) in the highlands of Panama, advocates a wholistic approach to well-being that includes diet, exercise, fresh air, loving relationships, belonging to a community, and some form of spiritual practice or awareness. The plants we use in our traditional herbal formulas and in our CBD infused, terpene rich Hemp & Herb blends are infused with the power of clean air, fresh water, abundant sunshine, and the paramagnetism of volcanic crystalline rock. This is why our formulas are so potent, so effective, and growing exponentially in popularity.

Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”Micronutrition Pt 1 - Vitamins and Minerals - YouTube

Our mission is to empower people to take back control of their well-being.  This article is presented in that spirit.

Examples of what doctors don’t tell you:

  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you when you have pain that is the result of inflammation or injury or fibromyalgia that there are plant based options that may provide significant relief? Instead of prescribing opiods or NSAIDs (ibuprofen, etc.) that cause addiction at worst or can wreck the lining of your small intestine, at best (leading to all manner of other problems)? Check out turmeric . And, while you’re at it, check out the latest scientific research on the use of CBD for the relief of pain. .
  • How the back pain industry is taking patients for an unhealthy ride | PBS NewsHour
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to change your diet when you have heart burn and indigestion instead of giving you meds for acid reflux? (These often can cause rebound heartburn and have been linked by research to kidney failure, liver damage, colon cancer, brain fog, and osteoporosis.
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to lower toxic chemicals in your home when you have constant headaches and allergies? (The fragrances and chemicals can cause toxic build up resulting in multiple chemical sensitivity10 Common Toxic Chemicals to Avoid | Toxic chemicals, Toxic cleaning products, Toxic which can lead to even more allergies and headaches. (See what the American Lung Association says).
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to take activated charcoal for headaches, bloating/gas, skin issues, colds, food poisoning, and even some parasites? (Activated charcoal bonds waste/toxins for the removal from the body.
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you about herbs to support immune and digestive functions? (Different herbs help different organs to do their jobs to keep the body healthy. Traditional herbalism draws from thousands of years of real world evidence AND modern science. Google it yourself—SO many excellent sources available.) Ever heard of taking ginger or peppermint for an upset stomach?
  • Why doesn’t your doctor suggest that you take a probiotic? Or eat fermented foods? (Broad spectrum probiotics and fermented foods can boost immune function, help to clean and balance the bowel, and regulate absorption and elimination.
  • Why doesn’t your doctor create diet/lifestyle plans for you instead of offering pills? (Diet and lifestyle choices are major causes Switch to these 5 habits for better lifestyle and longer life | Lifestyle News – India TVof many illnesses.)
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to take nutritional supplements to help you avoid becoming sick? (Supplements/herbs/tinctures can boost immune function and support your body’s natural functioning in a state of healthful homeostastis, i.e. balance. MILLIONS of credible, scientifically based resources to support the rational use of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements.). Vitamin C? D3? Zinc? Magnesium? These are some of the nutritional supplements that doctors often don’t advocate for clients–despite their crucial importance to well-being.
  • Why doesn’t your doctor tell you to take magnesium for constipation instead of stool softeners? (which dehydrate the bowel and have been linked to even more constipation.
  • Why doesn’t your doctor teach you that emotions such as grief and anger–which create strong chemical responses that are stored in your physical body–can cause physical disease, instead of prescribing drugs which have long term side effects. There are plants that may help, without negative side effects. (Check out Ashwagandha to see how this ancient ayurvedic remedy may help reduce cortisol levels which can contribute to anxiety, depression and generalized stress.). And, how about meditation and exercise and therapy, anyone?

Why is it that most doctors don’t tell you about alternative health options? Why indeed?

Because Big Pharma owns the modern doctors. Big Pharma controls which products/medicines are approved. And, while modern medicine has many advantages when it comes to treating or triaging injuries, serious bacterial infections, and health crises—it is NOT designed to prevent illness and promote optimal health. It has been said that Big Pharma is interested in creating repeat clients for life—not in getting people well, because then patients wouldn’t need the high-profit, expensive drugs they sell.Big Pharma - MICHELLE OGUNDEHIN

Big Pharma contributes mega-bucks to medical schools and so exercises control over curriculum. Many doctors’ knowledge of nutrition is basic, at best, as medical schools typically offer little to no training in nutrition. As a result, western doctors are NOT adequately trained in how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Medical students are trained to diagnose disease (a state of the body or mind being not in balance—literally ‘uneasy’) and then to prescribe pharmaceuticals and/or procedures that are supported by Big Pharma. The majority of modern western doctors are more comfortable with drugs than foods (or supplements, or ‘alternative’ practices, or traditional herbs and plant medicine) because that is how they have been trained and the “food as medicine” philosophy of Hippocrates has been largely ignored.

You may often hear doctors or pharmaceutical reps say that alternative health practices are “not scientifically proven to be effective.” But this leaves unanswered the counter claim that many ‘standard medical practices’ are unproven or come with a long list of side-effects that can include permanent disability or death–and docs prescribe them over and over again, despite these.

Many insurance and licensing regulations (also controlled by Big Pharma) do not allow your doctor to recommend alternative health options for healing. Nor are they encouraged to collaborate with others who are trained in such alternatives health practices (indeed they are often punished for doing so).

Good health requires you, as an individual, to take responsibility for your own well-being. Educate yourself about nutrition, exercise, mental he16 Awesome Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle - Infofitalth. Explore alternative options to Big Pharma’s “quick fix” options. When you do find yourself requiring allopathic medication, talk with your doctor about how to reset yourself to balance and well-being, as naturally and non-toxically as possible. Ask him or her for drug free, natural alternative health options. If your doctor won’t have that conversation with you, change doctors.

Bottom line is that YOU have to be willing to make changes to your diet, your lifestyle in order to promote wellness. It’s your body, your health, your life. There IS no single Magic Pill that will make it easy or all better, all at once.

The links presented are from reputable, science based sources. No snake oil, here! Here are some other links to explore:

Cloud Forest Botanicals supports, when appropriate, the use of non-invasive, non-toxic alternatives suchproduct CBD as massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and other drug free options to allopathic prescriptions and procedures. We promote the use of natural, organic, plant-sourced supplements and remedies.

Whether you choose one of our traditional herbal blends or one of our unique Hemp & Herb formulas, which marries ancient plant wisdom with the most current scientific research on the benefits of CBD, you can be assured that you are making a wise investment in yourself.

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